About Skyline British Montessori and Day Care

It is our purpose to create a nurturing and happy environment so that the word ‘school’ will have only the most pleasant associations. Preschools in Kiribathgoda

As parents ourselves, we have experienced the need for a center such as ours when our child was small – a stimulating place with challenging activities where children received love and attention while we had a chance to rest, work, or make time for ourselves in other ways.

Our center is a place where parents find support and reassuring opportunities to talk to the directors, the teachers, and other parents, especially during those minor, difficult, but normal periods in young children’s growth when it is so very important to discover. Preschools in Kiribathgoda

Preschools in Kiribathgoda
Preschools in Kiribathgoda

We are a fully licensed preschool Day care center for children aged from 1-5 years old. We offer rich academics in a playful, nurturing environment. We are known for our high ratio of teachers and students, with remarkable, trained staff. We operate all the year except the months such as April, August and December well known months which celebrates Sri Lankan festivities.

We have been serving the Village, middle and higher-class families for over 6 years. We are located in the center of Kiribathgoda city, in Mudiyansegewatta Road, Dalugama Kelaniya, located near the Arpico Super center Kiribathgoda.

Our high level of academics is achieved, mostly, by our belief in silliness and laughter – we want our children to associate school and teachers with happiness and fun and make the school where they want to be. Preschools in Kiribathgoda

Our core values

Preschools in kiribathgoda Learning & Fun
Let the kid learn himself with fun and only support him when needed.
Preschools in kiribathgoda Cultural Value
Expose kids to local culture as they practice our heritage and values.
Preschools in kiribathgoda Artistic and Peaceful
Art is the best approach of teaching any kid by protecting their gentle mind.
Preschools in kiribathgoda Protecting Childhood
Children are like butterflies. Gentle and cute. They must loved and cared gently.

Our Services

Preschools in Kiribathgoda


Daycares in Kiribathgoda

Day Care

  • Our Daycare Facilities are available for all the domestic school children from aged 1 to 10 years.
  • We provide extra tuition classes in all subjects for all the children from grade 1 to O/Ls.
  • Elocution Classes are provided for kids aged between 2-5 years through Institute of Western Music and Speech Colombo (IWMS)

We Care

Teaching kids will be done by well trained professional teachers with care.
All the required toys, materials and equipment with proper standards.
Healthy and clean meals plan for kids with all the required nutrients.
Sri Lankan and foreign recommended standards for syllabus and teaching.
Exposing kids to the world around by well planned trips and out goings.
Indoor and outdoor hand on activities for learning and building aptitudes.

Our News

Admission’s Free (Only till 31st March)

We are offering admission free opportunity to all the new kids. Therefore, please grab this chance before 31st March. Conditions Apply



Preschools in kiribathgoda
Graduation 2019

Congratulations to all the small birds who graduated and to start a new step in their future.  All the very best for you